How to install widget Contact Form in Sidebar has always understood and facilitate its users, namely by presenting widget Contact Form. With this widget bloggers can install the contact form in the sidebar of his blog. This contact form is the official widget on blogspot.

Blogger usually wear a third party service that provides a widget Contact Form to be installed on his blog. Now, we can add widgets directly from Gelery Contact Form widget in this blogpsot services.

How to install widget Contact Form in Sidebar

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select Layout
  3. Then Add Gadget
  4. Select More Gadgets
  5. Then add the Contact Form
  6. We can change the widget title before saving.

Now, you've got a Contact Form, which will facilitate communication between visitors to the blog and blog owner. Contact form serves also as a means of conveying criticism and suggestions or perhaps blog visitors who have difficulty when practicing tutorials presented on your blog. With the contact form, add a plus and your blog becomes more friendly to visitors of the blog.

Messages were written and sent will be sent directly to the email you use to You can immediately reply to a message directly from your email.

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